Disney Villains are my guilty pleasure

Okay… Confession time! Since I can remember I have always loved the villains in movies, especially the female villains! They always seem to have the best lines, personality (sassy would be an understatement!) And let’s not forget they have the coolest style ever! 

Take “The Wicked Queen” from Snow White for instance. I know we never saw that woman’s hair which in my opinion, added to the sinisterliness of it all, but that Queen rocked the dark lipstick and big eyes and look at her dress, it wouldn’t be something I would wear out but it does look pretty sweet and imagine how amazing you would feel sauntering around your big gothic castle in a huge sweepy dress and cape like hers! 

So, I don’t know if any of you have heard but there is a make up range (not sure if out yet or not but over in the UK I have not seen it!) by MAC for Disney Villains and there is also a doll collection coming out and unfortunately they have changed some of the villains looks like making Ursula and the Queen of Hearts skinny and actually giving the Wicked Queen some hair but still they do look pretty amazing anyway and shall definitely be on my Christmas wish-list! I got extremely excited about this as soon as I read about it and I had to rant on about it somewhere! 

They also included a Mother Gothel doll – who if I could act as anyone in the entire world it would definitely be her. Get me in a great mood and I will no doubt perform “Mother Knows Best” (both parts) for you with huge enthusiasm! Villains like her always have great parts and like I said the best lines… “Look in that mirror. I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady….. Oh look! You’re here too! Hahahaha, I’m just teasing.” 

Another confession… I have a tiny obsession with the movie “Tangled”. NO REGRETS!

Well I’m off, I have better things to do than fantasize about being a classic Disney Villain(I don’t but that defeats the point) 



Time flies when you’re 15… 

It’s definitely been a long time since I last updated this blog! Since then a lot has happened which I’ll definitely summarize now! 

– Firstly, my hair is now short (and in dire need of a dying session and trim!) 
– Most of my GCSEs/Controlled Assessments are now over which means I have a lot of blogging time – yay!
– I have a lot planned for this summer as well which gives me uber-amounts of things to blog about! Including a potential creative summer scheme week (graffitti much?) a lovely visit to DEUTSCHLAND! and of course a drama workshop and performances which for a week shall take place in Manchester (WATCH THIS SPACE! I’MMA BE FAMOUS GURL!) 

Anyway that’s basically the most important things I felt you should all be notified on! Moving swiftly on… I shall also be re-modelling this blog cause I don’t have longish brown hair anymore and yanno change can be good! (Gosh that’s different, I used to hate change!

OH YES! Before I forget, a big big BIG recommendation of a blog to check out! My gurl Miss Dazed and Beautiful! I don’t know about the dazed part but this lady is definitely beautiful just like her blog! Check it out! http://www.dazedandbeautiful.wordpress.com
If you need nail design ideas, outfit ideas, a cool creative project to take on, then this is the blog to go to! She’s gonna be an online sensation I’m telling you that now! So go go go! You won’t regret it ;D 

And to keep to a kind of tradition on this blog I have a song recommendation!

Bloom  The Paper Kites

It’s such a beautiful song and I can never seem to get it out of my head!


WOW.Sorry for t…


WOW.Sorry for the shortage of updates! 

I’ve been busy with school lately. But it’s definitely paid off! I’m doing surprisingly well this year and I’m expected to get an A* in Maths! I mean last year they said I was expected a C but that’s certainly changed!
One of my best friends has just became a big sister to a beautiful baby girl called Olivia. I’ve yet to meet Olivia personally but from the pictures I’ve seen, she’s adorable. 

Anyway, the reason I am up so late is because I have some homework to take care of but I am of course procrastinating as I usually do and blogging about it instead 😀 
I’m usually more active when I need sleep though, so it’ll be fine.

So Christmas is coming up! I’m definitely looking forward to it, but unfortunately that Christmas feeling hasn’t kicked in yet. But if I go out with my friend this weekend into town then I’m sure that will do the job. We’re going dress shopping as we have planned to get all dressed up for my birthday in January and go to a fancy dinner (because we’re mature ladies… HA! yeah right) But the reason it might get my festive spirit in gear is because of the Christmas spirit that’s all over the shops, the potential presents, the overstocking of socks in all the stores and everyone rushing around like eejits. 

We put the Christmas decorations up this week, and by ‘we’ I mean that I did all the decorating whilst my dad sat on his arse and watched the news. But I love decorating at Christmas, it’s one of my weird little hobbies! My favourite part is probably setting up the nativity scene! I don’t know what it is, but I’ve grew up with those ceramics and the wooden stable and they’re a good reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. I’m actually in a Christmas pantomime if I haven’t mentioned it already. We’re going to be performing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. MY BAD! The Seven Vertically Challenged Excavators. I’m actually playing Doc, the kind of leader dwarf and boy is it nerve-wrecking! Our first dress-rehearsal is on Wednesday. My costume consists of a builder’s hard hat, head torch, orange t-shirt, painter dungarees and big walking boots. Also I have to wear a stethoscope and a pair of glasses to.. make a distinction of my character? But enough about that! I’m feelings sick at the thought of it D: 

My one big wish this Christmas is to finally be kissed under mistletoe! I’d love that to happen 😀 
Well this homework isn’t going to do itself (if only!) so
 I’ll sign off with this one song suggestion. It’s not exactly new or unknown but I do love it ❤ 

“Yellow – Coldplay” 

 At the moment, I’m in the stage of Slightly Sleepy – tomorrow Extremely Hyper will hit. No lie. 



If you are a regular follower of my blog updates, then you’ll know that my last blog was about Disney re-releasing their classics and now, as the title says.. the nostalgia continues.. well for me and other SUPER-STEPS-FANS!

Yes, I’m sure you major fans out there have already heard about the band Steps reuniting, releasing a song together and starting a 2011/12 tour! That I have managed to miss getting tickets for.. I’m praying they add another date or someone decides to sell their tickets…

But I digress… Steps reunited recently and their meetings were filmed and broadcast on television on Sky for UK viewers. The fourth and last episode can be seen this Wednesday, Sky (Sky: 106)

So even when we thought “That we may not have tomorrow, But there’s always yesterday” Steps turned and said “Somethings are Better Best Forgotten” .. Yes. The puns were intended!

So to anyone else who is as excited as I am about all this, leave a comment and let me know if you’re going to the tour! 😀  

Disney re-releases in Cinemas!

Well, I have now officially seen The Lion King. This proves that if you wait fourteen years, it will eventually be shown in 3D in your nearest cinema.

But The Lion King isn’t the only Disney movie being re-released in the cinema. Beauty and the Beast, Monsters Inc. Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid are all said to be other films to follow the success of The Lion Kings repeated showing.

I think this is a great idea, as my niece is in the generation where they don’t have all the access to the great Disney Classics that my generation did. So by re-releasing these movies, more children get the chance to feel that Disney magic!
And who doesn’t want to see some of their favourite Disney movies on the big screen again? I know I’ll be in line to see them. Hopefully you will be too 😀

The Adventures of One Eskimo

People of wordpress! I am in love! 

Today, I accidentally stumbled upon a trailer for a series called “The Adventures of One Eskimo”. This series is completely animated, and animated beautifully might I add. None of the characters in the series speak, the story is told through animation and music by the band… One Eskimo. Each chapter of the story has a different song assigned to it, making each episode individual and unique.
If you live in the United States, then lucky you! You can watch the series right here.

Unfortunately for us living on the other side of the pond. We either have to purchase it on iTunes or amazon, or find our own way of watching for free (Youtube could not help me in this quest tonight) The trailer and information about the band One Eskimo can all be found here..


The story is basically this; One Eskimo and Little Feather meet when they are children and they end up falling in love. But (there’s always a but) Top Hat, the evil villain in our story, ruins their perfect world and captures Little Feather. One Eskimo and his band (literally his band) of friends set out to find Little Feather so they can be reunited once again.
The episodes aren’t very long so you could probably watch them all in one go. A very heart-warming and endearing story.

I hope you enjoy them, as much as I think I will once I finally see them all!

Pressure On

No matter what age you are, if you’ve been through them or not, hearing about exams can put you in an strange state of mind. Some people cope great with exams, it comes second nature to them, others panic and revise like crazy people until every drop of information is absorbed into their tiny human brain. Then there are the in-between people, who freak out a little, revise until they know the basics and go into the exams with a decent amount of worry. And finally we have our slackers, the people who don’t give a damn about their results, who walk into an exam not caring what the outcome is.
Personally, I would hope to end up the person who learns enough for the exam. I know some people were revising is practically like talking to them, they just need to read over something and presto, it’s sunk into their head.

If you’re an adult reading this, just think of your most important exams, the worry, the perspiration, the late-night studying, all those techniques you used to remember all those maths equations, the French verbs the German rules and all those Shakespeare quotes!
For those of you, who are in my position or younger, maybe just a little older. What helps you relax the most when it comes to exams be it GCSEs, SATs, OWLs..?  Or whatever you’re studying for, leave a comment and let me know!

The reason that I’m writing this blog is because all I have heard in school from day one this year is “Study hard” “Be organised” “Set and meet targets” And all that jazz. We’re also doing ‘Study Skills’ in Form Class every Tuesday. So once I figure out the best ways to study, I’ll make sure I inform you all. But until I find out…
Pressure on.